Just for fun: Area 51 (con’t)

Chapter 52 (b)

Just for fun: Area 51 (con’t)

You can get a really good view of area 51 using Google Earth and searching for Groom Lake. I have not been able to locate area S4, but Bob states that it is very well camouflaged. Using the 15 mile guideline and the idea that it has been at least partially carved into a mountain (as well as quite a way underground) I would guess that it is located adjacent to the mountain range that ends near Papoose Lake. A better qualified investigator agrees with my view and you can see his report and the actual site at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOspuWRosqc

Just for fun, proceed along the paved road that proceeds North from the main complex until it passes just almost to the North end of Groom Lake. Take a left at the “Y”. After that take the first paved right and go to the end of that road. Now zoom in all the way down to the ground level view of the facility. Amazing, or is this just a CGI overlay to hide something else or distract investigation? You decide.

It would be easy to ignore Bob Lazar and write him off as a kook if there was not quite a bit of supporting & documented evidence.

John Lear (ex CIA Pilot), see what he was to say at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb2QwxNnEsE

Another Ex CIA employee on his death bed:


You get the idea. There are numerous others that have come forward and you can check them out on You Tube as easily as I. The truth may never be revealed by the authorities, but I find the subject matter very interesting.