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Blogger is currently in retirement mode after spending 30 years in Senior Management with a number of wholesale distribution firms and another 15 years in the accommodation industry.

He was born on VJ day, has a degree in Finance and 30 hours in an MBA program. He served on active duty in the USAF for four years and served for another four as a captain in the reserves.

He has served as a council person in his local community and currently provides SCORE (Serve Core of Retired Executives) mentoring to entrepreneurs in his area. In addition he serves on several non-profit, chamber and volunteer community service committees.

He also consults with local small businesses on improving their performance.

Some would view him as a penny pincher, and this view has merit. He loves a “deal” and constantly strives to find a better & cheaper way.

He is an avid fisherman and over time has had the opportunity to experience fishing in Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Panama and Costa Rica.

4 thoughts on “About this blogger

  1. Dave, folks like us do get to often hear, ‘thank you for your service.’ I’ve long since gotten used to it. I did 11 years active duty in the USAF and another 11 in the Reserves, thus qualifying for a modest military retirement to compliment my Civil Service retirement.

    By the way, I enjoyed your blog post on those archeological sites in Peru. Ancient societies, even in the way distant past, were remarkably capable when it came to large-scale engineering projects. The Pyramids are an astonishing example of what the Egyptians could do (and not involving slave labor!), and the speculation about Stonehenge is fascinating.

    Oh, and “Go, Kadets!!!!”

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