Current Aliens (just for fun)

54 (b) Current Aliens (just for fun)

There are thousands of “UFO sightings” each year. Depending on which resource source you believe, somewhere between 5 & 20% of these cannot be explained by science (as we understand it) or other factors. Since 1947 these reports run into the hundreds of thousands which means that tens of thousands cannot be explained.

In addition, there is direct (not circumstantial) evidence that many of the most significant of these unexplained events are being “protected” by government agencies. People and their families lives have been threatened. Folks have been visited by the infamous “Men in Black” with statements like: “You are never to talk about this again with anyone, it did not happen and we were not here”.

Following are a few of the most interesting and credible of these events. All of these were directly experienced by numerous persons. Check them out for yourself and draw your own conclusions:

  1. Malstrom AFB incident (and corresponding event at Russian missile base):


  1. The Rendlesham Forest UFO incident:


  1. The Kecksburg, PA incident:


  1. The Phoenix UFO incident (1997)