What is your point of view?

What is your point of view?

I get a bit frustrated with narratives that talk about what might be possible in our local universe. We have no concept of the size of our universe. We still do not even know how many solar systems there are in our Galaxy or how many Galaxies there are. All we have are approximations, and those continue to increase as we develop more sophisticated telescopes.

The current estimated range of the number of stars in our Galaxy is 100 – 400 billion. That’s more than enough for our consideration, forget the universe. The current estimated range for the number of galaxies in our universe is 300 – 2,000 billion. Using the average of these ranges it means there are likely 3 with 23 zeros stars in total. I have no idea how to express that number, it could be Septillion? If only one out of 100 of these stars has a planet in the Goldilocks Zone, then that means there would be at least 3 quintillions. I’m sure that is a very low estimate since we already know of one star in the Milky Way that has as many as seven.

For most of us where we are located determines our point of view, but what does that mean?

We stand on the surface of a planet that rotates at just over 1,000 MPH. Our planet revolves around a star at 66,000 MPH. Our solar system moves through the Milky Way at 448,000 MPH. Our Galaxy moves through our Local universe at 1.3 million MPH. There are some Galaxies near the out edge of the observable universe that is moving faster than the speed of light which is 670 million MPH.

Mars is 34 million miles away when it is in its closest position to our Earth. If you were standing on Mars the surface would be rotating at just over 500 MPH and it would be orbiting the sun at just under 54,000 MPH.