Ridiculous Expressions

Ridiculous Expressions

High Seas: Since seas are generally at sea level how do they get higher?

Thin Air: As in “he disappeared into thin air”. I wonder if this means that the oxygen level was suddenly reduced just before the disappearance?

Dead Ringer: Typically used to describe look a likes. I wonder if one has passed on?

Needless to say: Then why say it?

In the Nick of Time: Used to express an event that happens “just in time”. A nick is a small cut or to steal.

Clean as a whistle: I have used a whistle many times and it seldom ends up clean. I suppose when used as a verb the sound could be determined to be pleasant, even melodious.

Clear as a Bell: Used to indicate understanding of an issue or situation. Bells are seldom translucent.

Scared to death: Then why are you still alive?

By the Way (BTW): Use to mean “incidentally”. Absolute nonsense!

On the Other Hand: is that the right or left hand?

Hamburger: Another way of saying Cured Porkburger

So, or Very Unique: The word unique is an adjective that means it is the only one of its kind. An attempt to modify the word negates its meaning.