The opinion of Voters

The opinion of Voters

Do our elected representatives really represent the voters? One way of looking at this issue is to view the opinion of voters and determine if our representatives actually represent the will of the people. I’m not expressing my personal opinion on any of these, just stating the facts:

70 % of voters are in favor of term limits for both the house & the Senate

63% are in favor of eliminating the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote

65% are in favor of stricter election campaign spending limits

54% are in favor of reducing the amount of time allowed for election campaigning

65% do not believe the two-party system is doing a good job for the country

65% are not in favor of increasing military spending

A vast majority are not in favor of increasing the national debt beyond the level of annual GDP

65% believe that climate change is a serious issue and is being caused by human activities

A vast majority are in favor of our elected representatives having the same set of benefits as the people they represent N

One thought on “The opinion of Voters

  1. A related issue is whether or not the opinion of ignorant voters should have any value. There are so many who have no knowledge of what we used to call “civics.” If they can’t identify the branches of government, or do not recognize the tenents of the Constitution, and have no idea about the issues under consideration —- should their opinion influence legislators? I suspect that’s the rationale used by our Congressman when it comes to military spending. He thinks we are all too uninformed to understand what’s at stake. I don’t know a solution, but thank you for raising the issue.

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