The 2nd Amendment (con’t)

Additional thoughts:

Obviously, today’s times are much different and I seriously doubt that the founding fathers would have even considered this type of amendment if there had been a well-funded, substantial Army.

But I need weapons to protect my family. Well, apparently, they do not in other countries.   Also, consider that of the murders in the U.S.A. where guns are involved 30.2 % of these are committed by friends, acquaintances and/or family. This represents many more than the total murders in most other 1st world countries!

I think that examining the gun control regulations of other (less violent) countries just makes good common sense. The Australia experience is often held out as a positive example of what can be done and deservedly so. After the mass murder event in 1996 that killed 35, the Conservative controlled Parliament passed extensive gun control legislation. The outcome was a tremendous reduction in the murder rate. Currently the murder rate here by gun is fully 20 times greater than in Australia (.14 vs 2.97 per 100,000). The details on the Australian experience can be viewed at:

An October 2017 (well before the recent massacre) polls showed that  85% of voters said that gun violence was a serious problem and 58% rated it as very serious and yet our elected officials continue to ignore the will of the people. As with most cases regarding our bought and paid for representatives you can discover the problem by following the money. The money trail leads directly to the NRA. Another example of Political Party $ over People.