More issues and solutions (con’t)

51 c) More issues and solutions (con’t)

Issue: The Cult of Government Bureaucracy

Solutions: Government workers make 75%+ more than private sector workers and work 10% fewer hours. Also, the “productivity” rates, it is suspected, do not stack up favorably with the private sector. I would be willing to bet all of the money in my bank account that a 10%+ improvement in individual productivity among all government workers is achievable. I suspect this expectation is actually too low. Achieving this result will never occur through any inspection or evaluation by an existing government agency. It will take the efforts of a professional, private management & administrative auditing firm. This service does exist and could easily be funded out of savings. My suggestion is that and RFQ be issued for this activity and that any and all management consulting firms be invited to quote. In addition, I would adjust holiday & vacations to match private industry standards and freeze salaries until they are within 10% for similar private sector positions. I do wonder how the controlling body for Civil Service would react to this suggestion?

More issues & solutions next week