Issues and solutions (con’t)

51 b) Issues and solutions (con’t)

 Issue: The Obesity Epidemic

Solutions: Obesity is a decision and one that is a burden on the healthy tax payer. The simple solutions are exercise and lower calorie consumption. Each individual has the right, in my opinion, to choose obesity as long as they are willing to pay the price in terms of health insurance premiums. Health insurance premiums, including supplemental Medicare, should have a sliding scale for any person falling into the obesity range. The higher the obesity ratio the higher the premium would be.

Issue: The Two Party System

Solutions: The two party system, while doing an effective job of controlling us, is not providing effective representation of the populace. The founding fathers (most especially Washington) warned us. The recommendations in last week’s posting on the election process will make it easier for other parties (libertarian, green, etc.) to be more impactful. One additional step is required. That would be a process, similar to forming a parliamentary government. If a party fails to secure 50+% of the popular vote for their representation then the majority body must consist of a coalition of parties that represent at least a majority of the voters, if not 55 or 60%.

more issues and solutions next week