Learning English is easy, or is it?

Learning English is easy, or is it?

The following are just a few examples. There are hundreds.

Which witch is it?

I want to get two too.

Did you hear that here?

Bye and bye I went by to buy a gift by myself.

I will accept donations except when they are from you.

Whether or not the weather is good we will still go.

Their dog is over there but they’re not happy.          The bear was bare.

I won the only one.  My big break was not when my brake malfunctioned.

You are not allowed to say that aloud.

The Capitol building is located in the Capital city. Principals have principles.

A tear in my shirt caused my eyes to tear. Wind me up before the wind blows.

As lead prospector, it led me to find lead. While bass fishing I listened to music with a lot of bass.

While camping in the desert there was no dessert. I’m addressing you! What is your address?

I need to balance my books but my account balance is off. I was content with the website’s content.

Today is the date that I am asking her on a date. Even a novice is capable of playing to a score of even.

Just let me know what you think is just. It only took 2 minutes to record the minutes of the meeting.

I play rugby and I also enjoyed my son’s school play. I record all my activities and enjoy a Beattle record.