General Environmental Updates

Following are several updates since I started posting on new environmental technology:

Denmark’s New Energy Islands

Fact check: Fossil fuels are the largest contributor to climate change, not animal agriculture

Cosworth’s ‘Cat Gen’ Gas Turbine Jet Engine For Cars: What Is It?

Renewables will be the largest source of electricity by early 2025

Greta Thunberg Sues Her Native Sweden for Failing on Climate Change–news-240153

Renewable Power To Double Capacity In The Next 5 Years Enough To Power China

Going green is our best hope — renewables are just cheaper

Recent & Updates on Energy Articles:


watch the first-ever cordless tesla go on a 1,800-mile road trip without charging

Toyota Takes New Engine That Swaps Gasoline For Hydrogen On A Spin

Net Zero Will Radically Change How We Use and Generate Electricity’%20(Podcast)-,Net%20Zero%20Will%20Radically%20Change%20How%20We%20Use%20and%20Generate,follows%20a%20net%20zero%20pathway.

How Drilling the World’s Deepest Holes Could Give Us Unlimited Green Energy

Yes, There Will Be Plenty of Power for Electric Trucks

With Tesla battery packs and largest hydrogen tank in Japan, Panasonic tests a factory of the future

Canada is developing a high-speed train that’s faster than an airplane: ‘Definitely would give it a go’

Wind & Solar:

Innovative Turbine Combines Wind and Solar Power To Create Sustainable Energy System

solar panels of ‘solhyd project’ generate renewable energy from sunlight & air

The largest landfill solar project in North America is now complete

omnidirectional, bladeless wind turbine produces electricity as it spins on its own

Texas will get more electricity from solar and wind power than natural gas next year, EIA projects

The first huge piece of the first major US offshore wind farm is ready

This novel energy system can harness solar and wind energy simultaneously

These powerful solar panels are as thin as a human hair

Ultra Thin Printed Solar Cells From MIT Can Electrify Everything (With Video)

German Scientists Set New World Record, Achieve 32.5 Percent Efficiency Tandem Solar Cell


Squad solar electric city car is coming to the US for $6,250,to%206.4%20kWh%20in%20total

Honda unveils $7,300 light electric van to meet the high demand for commercial EVs

New Volkswagen Electric Cars Will Have 400+ Miles Of Range

‘This is going to cut costs by 50%’: Hundreds of school districts are embracing new electric buses