Ancient Ancestors & Current Aliens (just for fun)

54 (a) Ancient Ancestors & Current Aliens (just for fun)

I am a fan of shows like Ancient Aliens, NASA unexplained Files, Unsealed Alien Files, Hanger 1, MUFON Docos, and the like. Like belief systems, accepting what is being portrayed as “fact” requires varying degrees of faith.

I have to bite my tongue when statements are made that lead us to believe that everyone who is interested in these subjects is in agreement. The Ancient Alien series on the History Channel is a prime culprit. They ask a question regarding an unusual event, then suggest an answer followed by a statement like this: “Ancient Alien Theorists say yes”. The implication is that all are in agreement on their statement. They sometimes use modifiers, but not often. In reality they should always use modifiers like: “some”, “many” or possibly “most”.

In search of subject matter the Ancient Alien Series often stretches into areas without presenting even partially viable circumstantial evidence. In my mind this seriously undermines the credibility of the series and justifiably provides excellent ammunition for the show’s critics.

On the other hand, the show does frequently present some really interesting material backed up with overwhelming circumstantial evidence and often substantial direct evidence. In my view much of the direct evidence that they provide would easily stand up in a court of law.

In an effort to explain the unexplainable, critics (and often the government & persons that represent themselves as experts) attempt to explain away these with theories. In all cases these explanations come from individuals that did not directly experience the event. It amazes me just how ridiculous and unsupported most of these suggestions are. At best these theories are laughable, at worst they are irresponsible.

In the next several weeks we will explore some of the more credible events, both recent & ancient which are difficult, if not impossible, to refute.