Fuel cells

Fuel cells

Hydrogen production uses electricity. Currently, the vast majority of hydrogen production still uses natural gases. However, the government is investing heavily in greener alternatives like CO2 capture technology. Electrolysis, the process of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, is an eco-friendlier option when using renewable electricity. The International Energy Agency estimates the cost of green hydrogen production to range from $3 to $7 per kilo. The cost of green hydrogen production is largely due to the use of renewable electricity, which is the main component. The cost of green hydrogen production will continue to drop as countries ramp up their renewable energy ambitions.  From as near to empty as we dare to go, which is about 270 miles after a fill-up, the Mirai takes around 4.7kg of compressed hydrogen. It’s easy to calculate from that data that the car does 57 miles per kilo of hydrogen.  I wonder how far along we would be today if we had taken fuel cell research seriously a few decades ago?

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