The Scoop on Carbs

5 b) Carbohydrates both good and bad

Good carbohydrates are nutritious. Good carbohydrates are rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Examples of good carbohydrate foods: * Fruits * Vegetables * Beans * Legumes * Nuts * Seeds * Whole grain breads * Whole grain cereals * Whole grain pastas * Some dairy products What Are Bad Carbs? Bad carbohydrate foods are those that have been refined and processed. These foods are not in their natural state. Most of the nutritional value has been removed from these foods. Bad carbohydrate foods are generally loaded with many additives, including colorings, flavorings and preservatives. Most bad carbohydrate foods are usually very tasteful and are packaged for easy handling. However, they are generally considered harmful to the body because they are not easily digested and they spike an individual’s blood glucose level. Bad carbohydrate foods include candy, baked goods with refined white flour, white pastas, and sodas. If you eat too many bad carbohydrates, you will most probably gain weight. The calories are “empty” and they have no nutritional value. Individuals who have a lifestyle of eating bad carbs are more at risk to develop diabetes, heart disease, obesity and more. An individual who eats many bad carbs will notice a spike in their energy levels shortly after consumption. However, energy levels will generally fall off rapidly prompting the individual to consume more bad carbs.


Carbs are a good source of short term energy as long as they are good carbs. Bad carbs and unburned carbs of any source will convert to fat. Do not be fooled by the myth that ingesting fat adds body fat. Unburned carbs are the source of our unwanted body fat.

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