Politics as Usual

Politics as Usual

Most of my friends describe themselves as Republican Conservatives. I suspect they view me as at least some form of Liberal. I have real problems with “labels”. I do not view myself as either Democrat or Republican or Conservative or Liberal. I am not a supporter of the two-party system. In that regard President Washington and I are on the same page (refer to his farewell speech). The two ruling parties are unindicted co-conspirators responsible for bankrupting our country.

With regard to my political views I come very close to the principals espoused by the libertarians. That said, I like to think I am “issue” oriented and hope to rely on “facts” when establishing a position, and not align with the “party line”.

I believe that less government is best government. I am extremely conservative when it some to fiscal issues. Both parties have a history of spending money that we do not have. The national debt and unfunded liabilities are unbelievable. We have mortgaged the future for our citizens with absolutely no plan to recover.

Everyone agrees that our government is not efficient and the facts show that we pay federal government employees at a rate fully 50% above the free market rate for comparable jobs. Despite this, studies have shown that productivity among government employees lags far behind that in private industry. My opinion is that achieving a 20% reduction in employee costs could be easily achieved by addressing both rates and productivity without decreasing services. Whom in our government is working on this?


Almost everyone agrees that Defense is important. I completely agree with providing the highest level defensive system. Where I vary with many of my friends is on how to accomplish this. My view is that it can easily be accomplished with-in existing budget limits. Having been in the military I can assure you that the same malaise the infects the other government departments is alive and well in the military. My belief in the 20% reduction factor would also apply here.

While I believe in an extremely effective defense, my views on offensive military operations are quite different. I do not support the idea of being the “World’s Cop”. We have spent many Trillions of Dollars on the civil conflicts in both Afghanistan and Iraq. We have sacrificed the lives of countless men and women. The vast majority of our citizens realize that we have to pull out of these conflicts at some point, but what is the cost of continuing, both in lives and $? What will these countries revert to when we finally do withdraw? Most now realize that Vietnam was a huge mistake, but we tend to repeat this insanity.

I completely agree that we need to attack terrorism where ever it exists and is supported. In that regard I favor “surgical strikes” with small or no commitments of bodies. I would hope that we could move in the direction of using technology rather than putting our men and women in harm’s way whenever possible.