Our wasteful and unfair election process (revisiting topic #1)

Chapter 20

Our wasteful and unfair election process (revisiting topic #1)

In an earlier blog we reviewed the election process in the U.S. This issue is at the core of most of the problems we are currently experiencing. The problems with the budget deficit, healthcare, the two party system, special interest control, government inefficiency, election spending waste and others cannot be resolved (in my opinion) if we do not take action to change the method that we use to elect our representation.

I will not rehash all of the points made in my first blog, rather let’s summarize what steps need to be taken:

The first and most important point is that we need to severely limit both the funding and amount of time allowed for campaigning. My suggestion:

  • Absolutely no campaigning should be allowed until 60 days prior to the date of an election. I realize this will severely curtail the current primary process, but I do not see that as a bad thing.
  • Do away with the electoral college, the popular vote rules
  • Require the major networks to cover a series (3-5 sessions) where each candidate would be asked relevant questions on the economy, budget, military, foreign affairs, healthcare, social security, etc. and be given identical amounts of time to address these issues. I’m not clear on the appropriate criteria for whom (which candidates) would be included in these programs, this needs more thought.
  • Limit additional campaign spending as follows:
        • President – $10 mil
        • Senate       – $5 mil
        • House         – $2 mil

I realize this seems a rather drastic departure from the process that has developed, but I suspect our founding Fathers would be appalled at the current process and welcome a system which more fairly represents the will of the people, where outcomes are more determined by the issues rather than spending amounts and where service to the country is no longer a career.