Myths as Beliefs

Myths as Beliefs

I have always felt that there were at least some truths contained in what we refer to as Ancient Myths. What we may not adequately consider is that, in most instances, the people that documented these events did not view them at myths. The “myths” were the accepted “belief system” of their time.

The Sumerian beliefs were first documented Circa 4,000 BC using cuneiform script, one of if not the oldest written language. These writings referred to a much earlier time and documented the Kings List going back hundreds of thousands of years!

The oldest Egyptian writings date to the mid-4th Century BC and document their beliefs in many gods, again from a much earlier time and whose origins were off planet.

The earliest Chinese writings date to 1,700 BC and document their beliefs of the time. In India, Indus Script dates to Circa 3,000 BC and other, more modern script dates to well over 1,000 BC. The Oldest written document was found in Northern Greece. The Dispilio tablet dates to circa 5,500 BC.

The consensus is that Aramaic appeared Circa 900 BC and arguably documents events back to about 4,000 BC. There is little doubt that the Greeks and Romans sincerely believed in their pantheon of gods and their powers.

I often wonder what an off-worlder would think about our modern-day beliefs? Would they consider them myths? Would their view be any different than our view of the many beliefs that we currently consider “Myths”?