Let’s Make America Great Again

Let’s Make America Great Again

There is nothing wrong with this slogan, but agreement on what this really means is in question. It seems that the intended meaning is to restrict immigration, company deregulation, reverse Roe v. Wade, shift more income and wealth to the top 1%, alienate our former allies, reverse our trend of “free trade” and provide support to the cause of “white” separatists.

I am not being critical, just stating the facts. Many folks completely support the aforementioned agenda which is their right. However, when I last checked, we still have a fairly democratic system and the majority do not support most of these actions.

Reliable data supports the following shortcomings in our country, if pursued, have the potential to “make America great again”:

  1. Quality, cost & availability of Healthcare (We have by far the highest per capita cost and rank 37th in quality of care. At the same time many citizens are not covered0
    1. An equitable living wage (income disparity and the lack of wage improvement)
    1. Climate change (mortgaging future generations for immediate gratification)
    1. The national debt (again we are mortgaging future generations for immediate gratification)
    1. Infrastructure (repair & upgrades)
    1. Comprehensive and effective immigration reform

The above is not a comprehensive list, but I contend that if we pursue them and enact reasonable legislation, we will be moving in a direction of improving our “greatness”.

One thought on “Let’s Make America Great Again

  1. My fear is that America will never be GREAT again. At least not like the country I remember growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. We have about 200 million more people now. Our Congress is far more concerned with re-election than with solving our country’s problems, and I don’t think that’s going to change. I don’t think either party holds the key to making America great. I don’t think we can even maintain the status quo. Maybe another extinction event like the kids are predicting is what it will take to get our attention.

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