Fats are Necessary

More about good fats

While most fresh fish and seafood is a good source for both protein & fat, Following is a more complete list of foods that contain a supply of good fats:

Source of chart below: http://www.nutritionvista.com/Nutrition/fat-facts,22.aspx

Good Fats Serving size Amount of Fat
Canola Oil 1 tsp 4.5g
Almonds 6 nos 4.5g
Avocados 2 Tbsp 4.5g
Olive oils 1 tsp 4.5g
Cashews 6 nuts 4.5g
Peanuts 10 nuts 4.5g
Safflower oil 1 tsp 4.5g
Pistachios 16 nuts 4.5g
Soya bean oil 1 tsp 4.5g
Salmon, trout 1.5 oz 4.5g
Walnuts 2 whole or 4 halves 4.5g
Sunflower oils 1 tsp 4.5g”

In summary, the basic message in ingestion is to eat less, restrict carb ingestion and to pay attention to what are good vs bad calories. If you combine this thinking with at least 30 minutes of effective exercise a day you are guaranteed to live a long, healthy and high quality life!