EVS & Electric motors

EVS & Electric motors

The is no doubt that EV purchases are accelerating. Competition and innovation will improve the price, range, and recharge times. One comment I have heard is “It doesn’t make sense that EVs are more energy efficient. They require that the energy be created from another source, then stored in a battery then it propels the vehicle. With a gas engine, the source of power is already in the vehicle.” The answer is actually very simple. Electric motors are anywhere from 4 to 10 times more efficient. They have fewer moving parts (20 moving parts in an EV vs. 200 in internal combustion). This also allows the HP-to-weight ratio to be much, much better for EVs.

Had we listened to Tesla over a hundred years ago the Oil Barons would never have existed, we would have all been driving EVs long ago. However, two major issues still need resolving: The sources for recharging are primarily coal and natural gas (big polluters), and the environmental issues regarding lithium batteries. The following links offer some hope for the future:

Electric cars won’t overload the power grid — and they could even help modernize our aging infrastructure https://www.businessinsider.com/electric-car-wont-overload-electrical-grid-california-evs-2022-10

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The new high-speed motor offers improved power density for use in electric vehicles https://electricalconnection.com.au/very-high-speed-motor-offers-improved-power-density-for-evs/

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