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What is your Talent?

What is your Talent?

We all have a “special” talent. Some have more than one. Mine is the ability to hear a voice and recognize the owner (in most cases). My 2nd wife (Cynthia, who passed away in 1999) had an unbelievable ability to recognize faces even when they were in disguise. One of several times was when we stayed at a Hilton in New Jersey. The was a very tall black man at the check-in counter and Cindi said, “Look over there that’s Dr. J”. Knowing that she was not a basketball fan I was amazed. When I asked how she knew she told me she had seen him once in a magazine. Another time we were standing in line at an airline check-in counter at the LA Airport when she said “Look ahead, that woman ahead of us is the actress Kathleen Quinlan”. She had short hair and wore faded and well-worn jeans. I had seen her in several films and was convinced that my spouse was wrong. We ended up on the same flight to Cabo after I accosted her with “Excuse me, but are you, Kathleen Quinlan?”. Cindi had nailed it again. My wife Jeanette has several talents. Among them is her knitting. Despite only having one arm, she is very quick and capable of very complex patterns. Another is her ability at Sudoku. I often have to ask for her help when I am stumped and she always has the solution. My favorite of her talents is her ability to find items that I have lost.

Recognizing talents is an opportunity for all of us to complement our friends.

MJ 12 (just for fun or is it?)

Majestic 12, also known as MJ-12 for short, is a purported organization that appears in UFO conspiracy theories. The organization is claimed to be the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate the recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft. The concept originated in a series of supposedly leaked secret government documents first circulated by ufologists in 1984. The FBI claims the documents are bogus and others claim the FBI claim is a cover-up.

The following individuals were described in the Majestic 12 documents as “designated members” of Majestic 12

Related to the alleged actions taken by MJ12 is a document titled SMO1-01 (a UFO Protocol Manual). The complete version of this manual can be seen at:

If you find this of interest I would recommend watching Linda Moulton Howe’s presentation on Season 12 Episode 9 of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens.

60 Years Later

60 Years later

National Geographic has recently produced a 3-part documentary on JFK, One Day in America. I give it high marks and it is available to stream on Hulu or Sling. I decided to do some research on the 1960 election results. Kennedy won the EC easily, but the popular vote only slightly. Despite being a civil rights advocate he carried the South. Notice that Nixon took the more liberal Pacific coast states. How the political landscape has changed,