Accident of birth

Accident of birth

This topic is one that tends to creep back into my consciousness frequently. I was born in the USA and experienced an upbringing in a military family and was conditioned for ten years via the Roman Catholic catechism. The since our population represents less than 5% of the world’s I could have easily appeared in another country and been indoctrinated in a vastly different faith.

If I had been born in North Korea I would have been indoctrinated into the cult of the ruling family and likely believed that my beloved leader was the light and the only truth leading to prosperity. Would I have been able to see the truth and break the spell? And if I did would I have the courage to rebel? Would I be willing to risk the devastation that would likely be unleashed on my family and friends?

If I had been born in India I likely would have been raised in the Hindu faith and traditions. The statistics would put in a relatively low economic class. Would I have had the drive to rise above my economic circumstances and prosper? If introduced to Christianity would I have seen that version of faith more attractive than my formative indoctrination?

If I had been born in Egypt I likely would have been raised by a devout Muslim family and would have prayed diligently to Ala several time a day. Would I believe some of the more radical teachings and sign up to fight the great Satan in the West? Would I be a more moderate Muslim holding to the more admirable teachings in the Koran?

How much of what we believe and hold as truth is simply an accident of birth?