NPC (Not Politically Correct)

Chapter 59 NPC (Not Politically Correct)

I’m fed up with politics and career politicians. I guess you could say I am reactionary when it comes to this. I’m in favor of going back the original concept of the founding fathers; the “citizen” representative that donates his time to governing the country, but that duty is not his or her main profession.  We need less governing and more common sense. Therefore, my view of PC is that some, if not much, of it is absolute nonsense. I do believe that we need to provide financial assistance to the injured and some of the less fortunate, but I do not believe that we should “dole” out money without the recipient making a contribution. Everyone that takes from the tax payer is capable of and should be required to contribute at least some of their time to assisting their country. Not only is this fair, but it is also essential to maintaining one’s dignity & self-worth. We all are aware of people on disability that are still working, some of whom are taking additional compensation in cash.

I also think that we should not reward families for producing more than two children. I think families should have as many children as they can afford, but paying them to have more than two is unjust to the taxpayers. When it comes to income tax allowances or income assistance the increased benefit should be capped at two children.

If I have ruffled your feathers, I’m just getting started. Let’s consider the issue that is having the largest impact of the tax payer (and the national debt). Our country is not healthy and overall the rate of ill health is accelerating. The primary contributing factors are over eating and lack of effective exercise. Over 68% of our residents are overweight and 35% are obese. The rate of obesity has more than doubled in the past 25 years and continues to climb. Less than 10% exercise daily for 30 minutes or more. It is no wonder that healthcare is so expensive in the US. Insurance rates and subsidy factors should take into account an individual’s BMI (Body Mass Index). Individuals with BMIs in excess of 30 should be paying about twice the average health care premiums and conversely those receiving subsidies should be penalized. Currently the healthy folks are being heavily taxed to support the folks that are using the health care system.

If you haven’t seen the following video I encourage you to check it out:

We spend billions each year on health education and those dollars have been largely wasted. What we need is for all true patriots to take action. Wake up America.