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Blogger is currently in retirement mode after spending 30 years in Senior Management with a number of wholesale distribution firms and another 15 years in the accommodation industry.

He was born on VJ day, has a degree in Finance and 30 hours in an MBA program. He served on active duty in the USAF for four years and served for another four as a captain in the reserves.

He has served as a council person in his local community and currently provides SCORE (Serve Core of Retired Executives) mentoring to entrepreneurs in his area. In addition he serves on several non-profit, chamber and volunteer community service committees.

He also consults with local small businesses on improving their performance.

Some would view him as a penny pincher, and this view has merit. He loves a “deal” and constantly strives to find a better & cheaper way.

He is an avid fisherman and over time has had the opportunity to experience fishing in Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Panama and Costa Rica.

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