Who uses our Fuel?

In our country, the focus seems to be on reducing the use of petrol in passenger vehicles. While this segment represents a significant portion of our consumption at about 140 billion gallons per year, it does not represent the majority of usage. Our airline industry uses over 100 billion, Ocean freight over 100 billion and commercial land freight uses over 53 billion. While there are other usages these four represent the vast majority. While we are making significant progress with both EV technology and application we must recognize that we are only dealing with about a third of the issue.

The solutions for Ocean Freight seem to be “decarbonization”:  https://old.geodis.com/us/blog/air-ocean-transport/reducing-environmental-footprint-ocean-freight

The focus of the airlines seems to be on a sustainable fuel source that reduces fossil fuel consumption, but does little to deal with the carbon emission issue: https://www.4air.aero/saf-map?gclid=Cj0KCQiA3uGqBhDdARIsAFeJ5r2HXEbjZOdCiPRkTKaHeChZef0mvM0ZBgUoMMJQF4ZQu0EUkK_yRxAaAk8LEALw_wcB

Note: We export about ½ of the oil we produce. I’m depressed.