The term UAP has been bandied around recently as the government is attempting to reveal a bit about it’s investigative role with regard to UFOs. It seems as though by changing the name they no longer are responsible for prior bad behavior.

There is no question that UFOs are real. The only question that I have is what are they.

Here is what we know for certain. Millions of people claim to have seen something that they can’t explain. Of these thousands are credible witnesses which include scientists, pilots and others. Hundreds of cases are documented where witnesses have been intimidated (threatened) to not discuss what was seen and in many cases these threats came from government representatives (or Men in Black?)

The recent release of a few videos that where taken by Navy pilots is being hailed by MUFON as finally the start of disclosure by the government. I’m not enthusiastic. These videos where available to the public for several years and had already been validated by the pilots. All that happened was the government said the videos are real and the pilots did not lie. Since these videos are about something that does not look like a saucer, triangle or cigar it does not mean much. A tic tac….?

I do not know what people are seeing and I am not one of the witnesses. I have no idea what they are but I do believe that most of the witnesses are sincere. What I suspect based on decent evidence is that the government knows what some of them are. To illustrate my suspicions, check out the following links:

This topic is not a joke and those that dismiss it are misinformed. This is a serious issue and deserves serious scientific scrutiny and public disclosure. There are many dubious videos out there on this topic and some that I consider marginal. A couple that I recommend are “UFOs: Investigating the Unknown” on Hulu and “Moment of Contact” on Flex.