Test your perspective, just for fun

Chapter 43(a)

Test your perspective, just for fun

We all are products of our environment and education. Often what we believe to be fact is not. Test your beliefs against the facts with the following:

  1. The country with the best quality of health care is: a) Germany  b) Russia c) USA  d) UK  e) France
  2. The country with the most cost effective health care system is:  a) Sweden  b) USA  c) Hong Kong  d) France  e) UK
  3. The country with the highest cost per capita for health care is:  a) USA  b) Norway  c) UK  d) France  e) Germany
  4. The safest country in the world (based on major crime stats is) a) Germany  b) UK  c) Canada  d) Iceland  e) USA
  5. The country with the highest per capita rate of incarceration: a) Columbia              b) Mexico  c) USA  d) Nigeria  e) Russia
  6. Among the following countries which has the highest murder rate per capita:       a) Russia b) Nigeria  c) Mexico  d) Peru  e) USA
  7. Discovering the origins of the original inhabitants of the Americas is a work in process, but the latest evidence is:
  8. a) Came from Asia across the land bridge during the last ice age (Clovis people)           b) Came from Scandinavia in the 10th – 11th century AD                                                            c) Came from Polynesia prior to or during the last ice age                                            d) Came from Europe prior to the last ice age as much as 23,000 years ago (the Solutrian migration)                                                                                                             e) We are not really completely certain, but there is evidence that the Americas were occupied over 15,000 years ago.

Answers:  1. e) France   2. c)  Hong Kong 3. a) USA   4. d) Iceland   5. c) USA 6. e) USA   7. e) Not Certain, but   8. e) Deists

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