Still more issues and solutions (con’t)

51 G) Still more issues and solutions (con’t)

Issue: Guns are a problem in this country. Guns for hunting are not an issue and guns for self-protection are less of the issue as long as they are properly registered. The big issue has to do with just about all other forms of firearms. For those who scream “2nd Amendment” I would invite you to actually read it and understand the “intent” of the Founding Fathers. The wide availability of assault weapons that are easily modified into fully automatic mode is alarming.

Solution: This is actually a very easy “benchmarking” exercise. Simply examine other countries where regulations have been instituted without infringing on individual rights. A good model would be the one utilized in New Zealand and another more recently adopted in Australia. The solution is not banning guns, just having more reasonable and effective regulation.

Issue: Our approach to currency is lagging behind most countries. While we did make a smart move early on by converting to a “metric” system of currency completely different from the traditional English system. However, over time we have not kept pace. Examples: A dime today is worth less than a penny was a 100 years ago and a dollar is worth less than the 1916 dime. It interesting that we were able to convert vending machines to accept paper money rather than converting low denomination paper into coinage. That conversion would have been less expensive.

Solution: We need to do away with the penny and the nickel. We need to convert both the $1 and the $5 bill into coinage. This needs to be a federally changed with a future mandated date that allows for a smooth transition (approximately 2-3 years).