Renewable Energy- Wind

Renewable Energy- Wind

There have been many new developments with wind energy. Even at the high initial capital cost it now rivals solar for the lowest-cost alternative (both are more cost-effective than coal). If you want to know some of the details please check out the following links.

This new wind turbine concept isn’t like any we’ve seen before

Offshore wind turbine prototype breaks world record; 359 megawatt-hours within 24 hours,more%20than%20a%20million%20miles.

U.S. Wind Power Just Crossed an Important Milestone 

Mini wind turbines:

Rooftop Wind System Delivers 150% Of The Energy Of Solar Per Dollar,-By%20Loz%20Blain&text=Aeromine%20says%20its%20unique%20%22motionless,independent%20tests%2C%20they%20seem%20legit

Researchers are working to make wind turbines capture carbon dioxide and use it for cement

Check out this offshore wind farm’s massive gravity-based foundations