My Eight Wonders of the World (con’t) Baalbek

The hilltop of Tell Baalbek, part of a valley to the east of the northern shows signs of almost continual habitation over the last 8–9000 years.

 The complex is located on an immense raised plaza erected 5 m (16 ft) over an earlier T-shaped base consisting of a podium, staircase, and foundation walls These walls were built from about 24 monoliths, at their lowest level weighing approximately 330 tons each. The tallest retaining wall, on the west, has a second course of monoliths containing the famous “Three Stones” a row of three stones, each over 19 m (62 ft) long, 4.3 m (14 ft) high, and 3.6 m (12 ft) broad, cut from limestone. They weigh approximately 880 tons each. A fourth, still larger stone is called the Stone of the Pregnant Woman: it lies unused in a nearby quarry 2,600 ft from the town. Its weight, is estimated at 1,100 tons.  A fifth, still larger stone weighing approximately 1,300 – 1,650 tons lies in the same quarry.

 The Three Stones weighing about 880 tons each.

How were these stones lofted in place?

 Who did it and when?

 Massive 1,100 ton Stone of the Pregnant woman  that remains near the quarry.


Largest man made stone block at Baalbek estimated at 1,300 – 1,650 tons!