MY Bad

I made a serious mistake on this week’s post. When I transferred the text from word to the blog I failed to notice that the chart I was referring to did not make it. Please see below and accept my apologies:

Democracy Index 2018 
Rank Country Score Electoral processFunctioning ofPoliticalPoliticalCivilRegime
and pluralism government participation culture liberties type 
1  Norway 9.87109.6410109.71Full democracy 
2  Iceland 9.58109.298.89109.71Full democracy 
3  Sweden 9.399.589.648.33109.41Full democracy 
4  New Zealand 9.26109.298.898.1310Full democracy 
5  Denmark 9.22109.298.339.389.12Full democracy 
6  Ireland 9.159.587.868.331010Full democracy 
 Canada 9.159.589.647.788.7510Full democracy 
8  Finland 9.14108.938.338.759.71Full democracy 
9  Australia 9.09108.937.788.7510Full democracy 
10   Switzerland 9.039.589.297.789.389.12Full democracy 
11  Netherlands 8.899.589.298.338.139.12Full democracy 
12  Luxembourg 8.81108.936.678.759.71Full democracy 
13  Germany 8.689.588.578.337.59.41Full democracy 
14  United Kingdom 8.539.587.58.338.139.12Full democracy 
15  Uruguay 8.38108.576.117.59.71Full democracy 
16  Austria 8.299.587.868.336.888.82Full democracy 
17  Mauritius democracy 
18  Malta democracy 
19  Spain democracy 
20  Costa Rica 8.079.587.56.677.59.12Full democracy 
21  South Korea 89.177.867.227.58.24Flawed democracy[a] 
22  Japan 7.998.758.216.677.58.82Flawed democracy 
23  Chile 7.979.588.574.448.139.12Flawed democracy 
 Estonia 7.979.588.216.676.888.53Flawed democracy 
25  United States 7.969.177.147.787.58.24Flawed democracy