More on Protein – some are not so good

5 e) Protein (con’t) Source for below:

“ Human beings were not created to digest animal protein. Animal protein rots in 3 hours. Humans have a 30 foot long intestine and cannot eliminate it before it rots, coating the intestines and preventing nutrient absorption.  Animal protein digestion requires hydrochloric acid and specific enzymes, and humans don’t have these enzymes or sufficient hydrochloric acid. The body uses the HCL it has trying to digest this protein, so there isn’t enough left to digest minerals and vegetable protein. Animal protein is acidic so calcium and phosphorus are leached from bones to neutralize the acid. It also contains genetically engineered growth hormones, antibiotics, antibiotic resistant marker genes, bacteria, puss, pesticide and herbicide residues, vaccines and other drugs.

* Meat, when cooked, causes the formation of damaging free radicals.  Numerous animal studies have shown that rats fed a low animal protein diet “were healthier by every indication.  They lived longer, were more physically active, were slimmer and had healthier coats at 100 weeks while the high-protein counterpart rats were all dead.  Also, animals consuming less dietary casein (a milk protein) not only ate more calories, but they also burned off more calories.  Low-protein animals consumed more oxygen, which is required for the burning of these calories, and had higher levels of a special tissue called brown adipose tissue, which is especially effective in burning off calories” (T. Colin Campbell, PhD., The China Study, Benbella Books, p. 352).                                                                  *  Dairy products are not digestible, and baby’s cannot digest milk from other species, or even digest mother’s milk after developing teeth because the necessary enzymes are no longer produced. Milk contains more than 25 proteins that lead to allergies and indigestion.                                                                                                                                                                  * Eggs can cause allergies, fatigue and depression. Raw egg whites destroy the B vitamin, biotin.                                                                                                                                                                                       * Soy beans and isolated soy protein contain digestion inhibitors. Soy infant formulas are high in phytates which cause zinc deficiency. Aluminum in soy formula is ten times higher than milk formula, and one hundred times higher than unprocessed milk. Soy foods caused enlarged organs in test animals.  Isolated soy protein can inhibit brain development, contribute to Alzheimer’s disease, and damage the pancreas and thyroid.”