Mass shootings in 2023 in our country

Mass shootings in 2023 in our country

Month         Number      Dead            Wounded

January        52                 87                 295                                                                             February      43                 54                160                                                                                                              March          39                 55                105

90 days       134              196                 560     

We have averaged more than a mass shooting every day since the first of the year. It appears that we live in a violent county.  The chart following shows homicide by gun and gun ownership in several countries. The “Rate” is per 100,000 and the number of guns is per 100.

Country       Rate  Deaths          Continent          Region # of Guns

Ukraine5.22,356EuropeEastern Europe6.6
United States4.212,996AmericasNorthern America112.6
Palestine4.1145+AsiaWestern Asia3.4
Cambodia3.4448AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia4.3
Iran3.02,215AsiaSouthern Asia7.3
Afghanistan2.4712+AsiaCentral Asia4.6
Syria2.3463+AsiaWestern Asia3.9
Finland *2.2118EuropeNorthern Europe32
Iraq2.0608+AsiaWestern Asia34.2
Belgium1.7180EuropeWestern Europe17.2
Canada1.6554AmericasNorthern America30.8
Vietnam1.61,346AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia1.7
Slovakia1.584EuropeEastern Europe8.3
Croatia1.462EuropeSouthern Europe21.7
Morocco1.4447AfricaNorthern Africa5
Hungary *1.3133EuropeEastern Europe5.5
Egypt1.2992AfricaNorthern Africa3.5
Ireland *1.254EuropeNorthern Europe8.6
Portugal *1.2124EuropeSouthern Europe8.5
Serbia *1.2123EuropeSouthern Europe58.2
France *1.1682EuropeWestern Europe31.2
Netherlands *1.1179EuropeWestern Europe3.9
Poland *1.1436EuropeEastern Europe1.3
Sweden *1.091EuropeNorthern Europe31.6
Denmark *0.947EuropeNorthern Europe12
Italy *0.9529EuropeSouthern Europe11.9
New Zealand0.939OceaniaAustralasia22.6
Germany *0.8690EuropeWestern Europe30.3
Spain *0.8390EuropeSouthern Europe10.4
Slovenia *0.715EuropeSouthern Europe13.5
Switzerland *0.752EuropeWestern Europe45.7
Austria *0.656EuropeWestern Europe30.4
Norway *0.629EuropeNorthern Europe31.3
Iceland *0.31EuropeNorthern Europe30.3
Japan0.3442AsiaEastern Asia.6
Singapore0.316AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia.5
* EU Countries

Homicide by gun is more than 4 times the average for EU countries. 4.2 for the US vs 1.0 for the Eu. There are reasonable solutions available that will save lives and still allow for reasonable gun ownership (both for sport and protection). The vast majority of the voting public wants to see change, but what stops legislation? How important is gun lobby political financing to our elected representatives? Is reelection more important than saving lives?

One example would be the changes that Australia made via legislation. Admittedly passing the change cost several Aussie politicians their jobs. Could that be a factor? The facts are that homicide by gun went down by 57% after the change and now equals the average for the EU at 1.0 per 100,000.