Life Skills – (con’t)

21d) Life Skills – (con’t)

What should be a requirement for a high school Curriculum, in my opinion, are subjects that prepare the young adult with the skills necessary to lead a successful and productive life.

What would these be? I would start with a life skills course that address banking, budgeting, marketing, credit, loans, nutrition, exercise, parenting & interview skills. As a starter course only the basics could be addressed, but at least this would be more than we have now.

Additionally I could envision at least six (6) individual semester long courses as follows:

Financial Skill Set

Money management budgeting and savings, balancing a checkbook/checking account, improving/fixing credit issues & scores, practical money management/skills, credit card management, basic bookkeeping, simple (and free) accounting software, Internet Banking & taxes & tax preparation.

Employability Skills

Resume formats and content, filling out a job application, interviewing skills, dress & appearance, behavior & attitude, understanding employer expectations, drug testing, payroll items (social security and Medicare taxes) educational requirements and experience.

 Parenting & Relationships

Healthy Relationships, Family relationships, marital/romantic relationships, friends/co-worker relationships,

communication skills, mentoring/role models, sex & financial issues, understanding basic child development, methods of disciplining children and how substance abuse affects parenting skills.

Nutritional Skills

Nutrition and cooking, 0utline of a balanced diet, how to read and understand food labels, how unhealthy foods affect the body, meal planning, food shopping/creating a grocery list, carbohydrate restriction (the good and the bad), EBT and eating healthy but economically.

Quality of Life Skill Set

Stress and anger management, relaxation techniques, coping skills, involvement in leisure activities, time management, success principles, immune system maintenance and the value of daily exercise.

Accommodation & Transportation Skills

Apartment hunting, managing, finances and paying bills, utilities & deposits, property purchases vs renting, up-front costs, property maintenance, insurance (renters/home/auto), property taxes and auto leasing vs. ownership.