Incarcerations – Solutions

22c) Incarcerations – Solutions

The solutions are actually very easy, but the implementation will first require some political courage:

  1. Eliminate and/or significantly reduce incarceration terms for drug users.
  2. Reduce incarceration terms for drug related thefts.
  3. Reduce incarceration terms for lower level distributors.
  4. Allocate 25 – 40% of the incarceration term savings to after release programs. (note: most, if not all of this will be recouped in the form of reducing the recidivism rate.

Drug related releases will have the following requirements to avoid incarceration reentry:

  1. Must agree to attend no less than 2 AA and or NA meetings per week.
  2. Must enter a transition housing facility for a minimum of 60 days and up to 120 if needed.
  3. Must find at least part time employment within 90 days.
  4. Must participate in all programs required by the transition housing entity. To include, but limited to counseling & mentoring.
  5. Must not abuse drugs
  6. Must not commit any felony

Release funding for the previously discussed release inmates will include:

  1. The cost of transition housing entry fee.
  2. Up to 120 days of daily transition housing accommodation allowance (to be determined at state level most likely in the $25 – $35 per night range)

Additional funding should be allowed to insure adequate availability of transition housing to qualified service providers. Suggest grants in the range of $2,000 – $3,000 per bed and short term low interest rate loans, 3-5 years.