COVID Update

COVID Update

It is difficult for me to not post updates on the continuing pandemic. It has been over two years now since we had the initial recommendations from our CDC and the situation continues to be dire. Herd immunity remains a pipe dream. Persons with significant antibodies (those fully vaccinated combined with those that have survived the virus) is in the 75 – 80% range but the variants continue to spread at an alarming rate. Almost all of the spread is occurring among the unvaccinated. There are examples of people contracting COVID for the 3rd time. The prior week we had over 7500 deaths in just two days and over 95% were unvaccinated persons. Very few people in my community are wearing masks in retail stores and restaurants and almost 25% of the county has contracted the virus. Myself as well as all of my friends have either close friends or relatives that have passed away. I understand why many people do not want to be subjected to mandates but the lack of folks not taking responsibility for their health as well as the health of others is, to me, appalling.

The number of outspoken antivaccers that have succumbed to the virus continues to grow. Following are just a few examples:

“Unvaccinated 911 Operator Who Died Of COVID-19 Regretted ‘Wrong Decision’ While On Life Support” here:

“Washington state trooper who said Gov. ‘Jay Inslee can kiss my ass’ after being fired for refusing to get vaccinated has died from COVID-19” here:

A couple of more articles worth reading:

“Omicron variant of COVID may be the most contagious virus to ever exist, scientists say” here: “Eighth Child Under 10 Dies of COVID in Virginia As Omicron Cases Surge in Kids” here: