Ancient Ancestors (Just for Fun) – con’t

54 (d) Ancient Ancestors (Just for Fun) – con’t

Sacsayhuaman, Cusco, Peru

This amazing stone fortress is located about 500’ in elevation above the city. Conventional wisdom believes that it was constructed by the Incas but in my view this assertion is ludicrous. The Quarry site has been documented to be on the other side of the valley from several sites, distances of 7 – 12 miles. The largest stone is estimated to be over 300 tons. There are several thousand stones at the site and all of them fit together perfectly. When I say perfectly, what I mean is that the joints are so close that a razor blade cannot penetrate them. Considering that no mortar has been used this is incredible. To further amaze the angles on some of the joined stones exceed a dozen or more.

The distance required to drag a 300 ton stone is achievable, but assuming that the average man could pull 100 lbs. a 300 ton stone would require a 6,000 man able bodied crew. After the stones were dragged to the site then each one would require carving, by hand, to the degree of perfection previously described.  We currently are not capable of this precision and there is absolutely no evidence that the Inca possessed this ability.

One wonders who accomplished this feat and when? If not the Inca, then it would have been at an earlier time.

The Construction of              Sacsayhuamán

The immense fortress was put together with the usage of huge stone blocks. Nobody knows exactly who had built Sacsayhuamán, when and most importantly, how