Alien Contact (Just for Fun)

Chapter 60 Alien Contact (Just for Fun)

Ever wonder what it would be like to actually witness a UFO or make alien contact? I have trouble with “beliefs” and place more credence in my experiences. On the other hand it has been proven that eye witness reports (of any experience) are influenced by the “subjective” interpretation of the witness and therefore are often unreliable without corroborating evidence. There have been tens of thousands of eyewitnesses to UFO events and thousands of individuals that report alien abductions. My opinion is that there are most likely rational, non- ET explanations for many of the “unexplained” events. However, I also want to remain open to the possibility that at least some of these unexplained events are as represented.

It is difficult for me to discount the reports of credible, sincere witnesses. There are hundreds, if not thousands of individuals that have experienced life changing events. Many of these folks have ruined careers by recounting their alien contacts. In my view, it would be next to impossible to fake many of these reports. These people are true “believers”.

Debunkers often provide a valuable service. Sometimes, they provide reasonable alternative explanations for purported ET events. However, many of these folks appear to have an agenda based on the “belief” that ETs are not real so there must be another explanation. Many times, without adequate investigative research, they will offer up a ridiculous alternative explanation. I guess you might say that these people are true “unbelievers”.

I have no direct experience and do my best not to form any beliefs regarding ETS past or present. However, I must admit that there is an enormous amount of evidence (much of it circumstantial) to support the ancient alien theory and the idea that we are being observed by ETs. I am also distressed by the reports of government coverups and witness intimidation as reported by numerous credible sources.

As with the theme of the X-files. The truth is out there!