Accountability & Reputation

Chapter 40

Accountability & Reputation

Regardless of your social or economic status the most important asset you will ever earn is your reputation. I say earn because that is exactly the case. This is one element in your life in which you have total control. Whether your reputation is positive or negative will determine your “quality” of life.

What factors do we need to consider in creating a “positive” reputation? One key factor is accountability. Simply stated this is doing what you say you will do when you said you would do it. The sad fact is that most folks are not accountable both to themselves and therefore not to others. The first step in becoming accountable is to take responsibility for your life and your decisions. It has often been stated that if each individual would take complete responsibility for their lives it would solve the majority of the ills that face society. Spend time making good decisions about how you live your life and little or no time worrying about others. Control the life that you have!

In addition to accountability there are other factors that will enhance your reputation:

  • Look for the positives in others and recognize them publically
  • Treat others as you expect to be treated
  • Display honest behavior at all times
  • Actively participate in community projects
  • Consume in moderation

Your reputation will determine your success in life. You only have one, protect it with diligence!