Renewable Energy – Solar

Renewable Energy – Solar

As predicted solar technology continues to improve. Cell efficiencies improve each year and the cost per KWH continues to decline. Along with wind, solar is now the least expensive energy per KWH. The following links are to several interesting articles regarding recent developments.

Solar is now the cheapest energy in history

 Solar energy in Europe will be 10 times cheaper than gas by 2030 — here’s how

Renewable energy records tumble around the country as rooftop solar power soars

Solar power breaks the world record with “miracle material”,and%20institutes%20in%20the%20Netherlands.

Why the Feared Wave of Solar Panel Waste May Be Smaller and Arrive Later Than We Expected

Electricity-generating windows? Swiss scientists design more efficient transparent solar panels

SunPower CEO: Bidirectional charging ‘will change the world for consumers’

New Solar Cell Breaks Records for Efficiency and Voltage  Emerging perovskite technology overcomes silicon’s key limitations’s%20prototype%20solar%20cell,for%20traditional%20silicon%20solar%20cells.

Dirt-cheap solar evaporation could solve the world’s soil pollution problem