Death Wish

Death Wish

As I get older, I guess it is only natural to think about dying and what that will mean. Death is a certainty, it is just a matter of time. The book of Genesis documents several individuals that lived for hundreds of years. The Sumerian Cuneiform texts recount Kings that lived for thousands of years. We seemed to have topped out on life expectancy and I have achieved the average for the male population in our country.  Should I be afraid? Should I be excited?

My family is blessed with great genes. Dad passed at 96 and mom was just short of 100. I also know that longevity genes do not guarantee long life. None of us are immune to cancer.

Why do we hold on to life and spend so much money prolonging it no matter the lack of quality for the remaining years? Is it a lack of faith?

Most folks believe in some form of afterlife or reincarnation. That being true then why do we not embrace the prospect of death? I am certain that there are some who have a valid reason to dread their lack of a quality afterlife if they believe that all do not qualify for the best conditions. I count myself among those that have regrets about certain actions taken during life and wish that I had chosen differently. If reincarnation is real then I hope to be a candidate. However, there is no guarantee that I would make better choices given another chance.

I am not ready to pass on, but I do look forward to it. When the end is near, I do not intend to take any action to prolong my life. I am excited to find out what comes next, regardless.