A Cure for Night Cramps

For years I had suffered from severe cramps at night either in my calves or in my arches. These occurred at least weekly and sometimes more often. One day when I complained about a particularly severe cramp the night before my mom said she had the cure. She told me to put a bar of soap under the bottom sheet and the of my bed. I laughed and said: “ you’ve got to be kidding”. She said: “It has always worked for me”. While I thought it was crazy I also thought that I needed to do something so why not give it a try. Truthfully I did not expect it would help. I have been using the soap now for over 10 years. The only times that I have had night cramps were when I was traveling and forgot to put the soap in the bed.

I was curious about this cure and decided to check the web to see if others were using it. What I found is that numerous other folks swear by this technique, but that the scientific community is unconvinced. After all, it’s just an old wives’ tale. Snopes just says that it’s unproven. They did not check with me. I suspect that any brand will work, but my mom swore by Dial so that is what I use.