Roundabouts & traffic circles are huge pet peeves with me. In my view a roundabout is typically a one lane intersection transition and a traffic circle will accommodate two lanes or more. I spent nine years living in New Zealand and was amazed at the lack of traffic signals at intersections. I spent 4 years in a city of 60,000 population that only had two traffic signals within the city limits.

What is a roundabout, really? It is the same as an intersection with a yield sign at each corner. How big does the “round” part need to be? In some cases is can be as small as a 6 – 8’ circle. Does the circle need to be raised? Ideally yes, for safety, but in small intersections a painted circle can suffice.

What seems to be the main disadvantage of roundabouts and traffic circles? The primary disadvantage is fear of change.

What are the advantages of roundabouts?

  1. They are significantly more cost effective – Current traffic signals for intersections will cost over $100,000 plus.
  2. They keep traffic flowing, almost no stop and go.
  3. They are statistically safer
  4. They are more fuel efficient

How to get past the fear factor: Initially post yield signs at each corner. The rule is simply to look to the left. If someone is already in the intersection, then they have the right of way.

Go forth and Populate the Earth

Go forth and Populate the Earth
Our instructions from the King James version of the bible are clear:
“And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein”
The King James version of events was translated in 1611 by the church of England. Unfortunately, the instructions are remiss in citing a time frame. I suppose we have assumed that, absent further clarification, those instructions were intended to be for all time.

I do wonder about the phrase “bring forth abundantly in the earth”? One might infer that this would assume that we could stop once “abundance” is reached. Common sense dictates that our resources (even renewable resources) are limited.
Considering available resources one source,, calculates the optimum world population at 1.5 – 2.0 billion! Even the most optimistic estimates are in the 3.5 – 4.0 billion or about ½ of our current total. We achieved the most conservative estimate in 1900, just over 117 years ago. Since that time, we have added 6 Billion more souls! According to the population clock ( the 2050 census will top 10 Billion or three times what the planet is able to sustain. Like our national debt, it seems we are willing to mortgage the future of resource availability for our progeny. Are we really that selfish?
Over population is arguably the single largest problem facing all countries and yet when was the last time any of our elected representatives addressed this issue? It seems we are too busy arguing polarizing issues instead of focusing on the most important issues. Shame on us.

My Misinformation

My Misinformation
 Recently I posted information on my top 5 unexplained events. # 3 dealt with the missile shutdown at Malmstrom AFB in 1967. It turns out that almost all of the information that I garnered through research was based on Robert Salas explanation of this event. Since the time of the posting I was contacted by James Carlson whose father was on duty at the time of the incident and who had recounted in detail the specific details. His account was at odds with the account Salas’ detailed in his book Faded Giant. James would naturally believe his father’s account but has also spent considerable time researching the event including contacting several other personnel that were on duty at the time. Virtually all of these sources verified his father’s account.
The details are much too lengthy to be posted here. If interested please check out the following link that will have more details as well as provide you with all of the specifics:
More recently James made contact with another researcher interested in this event. The following is an excerpt from an email that I received from James:
“During the research I conducted, I met another gentleman by the name of Tim Hebert.  Tim was a missileer as well, like my father and Col. Figel, but was working the job in the 1980s.  He served at Malmstrom AFB as well.  He was more than willing to examine a number of the documents that have been made available and was willing to explain a number of details that I had either missed or had been completely unaware of……………sometime last month he published a piece that sums the issue up from his point of view entitled “Echo/Oscar Flight ‘Incidents’ 51 years have passed!”  He has many other articles, most of which are very detailed.”
Hebert confirms the event details that James’ father recounted. Based on what I have now learned it seems to me that the details provided by James & Tim Hebert are more significantly more credible. It appears I will need to move numbers 4 & 5 up one notch on my list and look for another number 5! I apologize for my misinformation and many thanks to James.